Discover the cultural riches of Edinburgh at the height of the festival season in the company of expert theatre critic Mark Fisher

About the tours

See a selection of the best shows in Edinburgh in the company of festival expert Mark Fisher. He’ll choose the shows, take you to see them and lead a lively discussion about what everyone thought.

The bespoke cultural tours range from a three-show taster to a deluxe festival introduction over several days.  

Themes include:

FESTIVAL DELUXE: The very best the city has to offer

CITY OF VARIETY: Hot shows across the arts

THE FULL SCOTTISH: Homegrown performance – world-class quality

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: The world on your doorstep

ALTERNATIVE EDINBURGH: The weird and wonderful for the culturally adventurous

About your guide

“Fisher is the perfect host, and what shines through is his experience in theatre and depth of knowledge.” Three Weeks

Mark Fisher has attended every Edinburgh festival since 1986 when he moved to the city. Today, he is a theatre critic for the Guardian a former editor of the List magazine and a contributor to publications all over the world. 

He is the author of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide: How to Make Your Show a Success (Bloomsbury 2012) and How to Write About Theatre (Bloomsbury 2015).

As a judge, he is on the panels for the Theatre Awards UK, the Scotsman Fringe First awards and the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland. He is also an advisor for the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award.

In 2014, he set up Edinburgh Festival Tours to share his passion for the world’s greatest arts festival.

Follow on Twitter: @markffisher 

Email: mark@theatrescotland.com

Website: https://www.markfisher.theatrescotland.com/


“Edinburgh is a fascinating city in many ways. With a personnalized city tour full of insights, Mark Fisher was able to make us feel that unique spirit, allowing for a much better understanding of the city, its festivals and its inhabitants.” Daniel Bissonnette, Montreal

“I found it very insightful and especially coming from someone with a first hand inside insight into the inner working of the biggest festival in the world.” Sachiko Soro, Fiji

“It was my first experience in Edinburgh and I enjoyed every moment in this fantastic city. I just regret not having participated in these festivals before this year. Mark Fisher opened my eyes to a side of Edinburgh that I would never have been able to discover on my own”. Alain Paré, Montreal

“Mark Fisher tiene el conocimiento y la experiencia para hacer que ese gran labertino de actividades que es Edimburgo se convierta en un paseo por una ciudad vibrante y encatadora.” Edgardo Bermejo, Mexico